Fashion Mag Ad

This animation was made in AE in order to create a concept and an ad for a "Fashion Magazine" (This is a simulation the promotion doesn't exist, don't subscribe haha).

Prince of Persia

A remake of Prince of Persia Title intro. This was made in C4D and AE.

The inspirational stuff.


This animation was made in C4D and AE.

Desktop Background

Hi everyone, here is a desktop background ready to use it, feel free to download it.

No skateboarding or die

More info later...


This animation was made in Ps, C4D and AE. I inspired in one of my favorites movies 'Taxi Driver' and the background are some pictures that I took in Glasgow, Scotland. I also used Twitch and The Bullet Training from VC. Thats it. Enjoy it.

Creative Lighters

Coming Soon...

The meteor title intro

This is an intro I made using AE and C4D as is usual. This one is for the past video 'The meteor' is just an exercise but I like making this kind of stuff.

Cells Dying

An animation a little tricky made in C4D and AE.

Cigarette Burn Productions.

Cigarette Burn Productions is a subdivision of inOut Communications Corp. for producing film, broadcast, animation, etc.